About ENLI

ENLI consists of two instances: 

Investigator´s Panel:

The Investigator´s Panel (1st instance) monitors that affiliated pharmaceutical companies comply with the rules that are subject to ENLI's jurisdiction. The Investigator´s Panel can raise a case on the basis of a report, on its own initiative or on the basis of a complaint by an affiliated pharmaceutical company. The case is sent for consultation to the parties involved, where after the Investigator Panel makes a decision and decides how to sanction the breach.

The Investigator´s Panel consists of:
- Head of Secretariat Rikke Bækgaard Thomassen (Legal Adviser)

- Pia Phillipsen (Legal Adviser)

- Nuzaht Yasmin Ahmad (Legal Adviser)

- Jesper Clausager Madsen (Medical Adviser)

- Kasper Hasseriis Andersen (Medical Adviser)

- Kim Dalhoff (Medical Adviser)



Appeals Board:


The Appeals Board (2nd instance) deals with and decides on cases from the 1st instance that affiliated pharmaceutical companies have appealed.
- Chairman: Lawyer, Strange Beck
- Doctor: Sisse R. Ostrowski
- Representative with knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry: Lars Almblom




Coorperation Agreement and Code of procedure



Coorperation Agreement ENLI



Contact ENLI:

You can contact ENLI either by calling us or by sending an email.

Contact by e-mail: sekretariat@enli.dk
Phone: +45 3920 2575
Telephone hours: 9:00 - 15:00
ENLI ApS – Ethical Committee for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Denmark
CVR. 32 34 63 83
Bank 4316-11372473
IBAN DK91 3000 0011 372473